Many hospitals in the United States are still struggling to recover from the coronavirus outbreak, which generated a financial catastrophe. At J3RCM, we offer the best revenue cycle management services.

Medical facilities that see many patients can benefit from revenue cycle management medical billing. If an RCM provider isn’t giving the basic minimum of service to the practice, you should consider terminating your relationship with them. Here are five reasons to do this.

1. Being Dishonest

Busy clinics may lose money or waste time if no one monitors the administrative personnel. When you outsource revenue, you risk a lot. As a result, you should collaborate with someone you can rely on.

All past-due patient bills should be easily accessible to maintain track of cash flow. Revenue cycle management experts must explain why revenue varies and support their claims with evidence.

2. No Simple Way of Determining Patients’ Eligibility

The revenue cycle management team’s primary purpose is to swiftly determine whether a patient has insurance. They require current hardware, connections, and safety procedures and must be linked to major hospitals and clinics.

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Finding out what’s wrong with a patient should be simple and quick. We shouldn’t wait for insurance companies to answer or play “phone tag” to get issues corrected now that it can be done online.

3. Taking Too Long To Reject Claims.

Your company’s bottom line may suffer if you don’t know how many patient claims contain issues such as incorrect coding or missing information. If the modifications are late, the payment will be late as well.

A good RCM partner should be aware of this and notify you. Explain to your team why you choose to reject a claim so that accurate medical records can be preserved. Alerts can be used to collect data that can then be used to improve the system’s performance.

4. The RCM Team Provides Poor Customer Service

When this occurs, more communication is needed between health care professionals and those familiar with the billing and collection process.

RCM may be neglecting your account if they do not respond to your inquiries or concerns or if they take too long to respond to your staff. What else might we not know about sales cycle management gurus if they can’t run a support desk well?

5. Your RCM Provider Cannot Guarantee an Increase in Sales

You may believe switching to a different RCM service provider will benefit your company’s finances. To minimize difficulties, ensure that the revenue cycle management pros you hire can guarantee an increase in full payments.

RCM employees are trained to be more efficient than those in a doctor’s office. They are also expected to be familiar with the industry’s laws, standards, and best practices to promptly return more of your money.


You can switch if your current RCM supplier can’t meet your needs, and keeping them would hurt your team and local patients. With J3RCM, you’re assured of the best services in medical billing in Fort Lauderdale. Contact us to learn more.