About Us

A Revenue Management Company committed to providing comprehensive services, while changing the way medical billing is handled.

Medical Billing Management

At J3 Revenue Cycle Management, we assist physicians with the business of medicine by managing their cash flow and revenue process. Josh, our founder, has a proven track record of over 30 years of experience in Finance and Client Service. He knows that keeping his clients cash flow positive is the primary responsibility for the financial success of a medical office.

Late payments and denied payments are detrimental to a business. We get it. Medical and insurance billing can feel like a full-time job and your team has other responsibilities to handle. Nevertheless, the efficiency of your business’ revenue process should never be compromised.

Late and denied payments can be reduced by utilizing new tools and hiring medical billing professionals, like the team at J3 to help manage your affairs. We focus on revenue processes and cash flow because a properly managed revenue cycle can lead to maximized cash flow. Let us help you improve the way your physician’s practice does medical billing.

Not Like Other Companies

We aren’t like any other data entry or software company. While other companies will try to sell you software, we take a more hands-on approach. We provide 24/7 support for all of our clients. We will come to your office and teach your staff how to correctly input data and oversee new technologies and tools to expedite the claims process, enabling your practice to get paid faster. We will even provide 24/7 video conferencing to help the staff input data in real time.

At J3 Revenue Cycle Management, we are raising the bar for medical billing in Miami, taking care of those giving care. Call us at (954) 544-2706 to see how we can maximize your cash flow.

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