Obtaining doctor credentialing services in Fort Lauderdale is an important step for a provider to take as their medical career begins. When credentialing is accomplished, it is verifying that a doctor has obtained the necessary education and training so that patients can be treated by them. Provider credentialing is necessary when a doctor plans to accept health insurance providers, such as Medicare and Medicaid.

To be fully credentialed, all your healthcare revenue documents need to be submitted to be verified during the process. From the time that verification begins, it may take as long as 120 days to become credentialed.

When you get a hold of the physician credentialing services at J3 Revenue Cycle Management, they’ll go over the below steps needed for credentialing.

Completing the Physician Credentialing Services Application Form

The credential application form is an intimidating part of the entire medical credentialing process. The number of pages that need to be filled can be in the hundreds and may be dependent upon the specialization. Before you can receive the application form, you may need to submit a letter of interest.

Submitting the Application Form and Verifiable Documents

Now that you have the application form filled in completely, it needs to be submitted together with your verifiable documents. When you have everything submitted, you will need to check the application status no matter how long the waiting period will last.

How the Credential Process Can Be Sped Up

When you are looking to speed up the credential process, you need to ensure that the application form is filled out completely. You need to ensure that you are accurate in the information you provide so that there are no mistakes. If you utilize physician insurance credentialing services, you will have the most up-to-date version of the application.

Ensure that you report all pertinent information whether it is good or bad to the physician insurance credentialing services, such as any reports of malpractice. This is because it can be worse for you later if you leave it out and it gets discovered later. If you want to avoid any problems with credentialing, it is important to disclose everything.

You need to ensure that the document is signed properly so that there are no delays. There should also be enough time allowed for the application to be completed, which is around 120 days. This amount of time is also necessary so that it can be reviewed for accuracy before submission.

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Having medical credentialing is a necessary process for a provider to pursue when they plan to provide treatment to their patients. The time varies based on the specialization and number of applications that are being processed. Regardless, when you Contact J3 Revenue Cycle Management, our doctor credentialing services in Fort Lauderdale will help ensure that your revenue continues to flow positively once you have received your credentialing.