The world of medicine is changing with patients becoming more knowledgeable and cost-focused.

Statistics show that 75% of all patients are looking up information on the costs of different procedures. They want to know what will be covered by insurance and their responsibilities upfront.

The most successful practices have proactive systems that use these procedures to enhance their medical billing. We look at the top three procedures for medical billing in Fort Lauderdale that enhance your bottom line results.

Up to Date Record Keeping

These days, hospitals and healthcare facilities are overwhelmed with staff that has trouble keeping up with the records. The problem is compounded by shortages and late payments that come in from insurance companies and patients.

Not having current records impacts your revenue management in Fort Lauderdale and hurts your profitability. Sometimes, you might not know if a patient is behind on their medical bills and continue to offer additional services to them.

Up to date record keeping helps you to know what is going on in real-time. You can communicate more effectively with insurance companies and patients about what is owed.

We recommend using our unique revenue management system that provides you with the most accurate results.

J3 Revenue Cycle Management works diligently to support your back office and improve your record keeping. We use the latest technology and procedures to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

Better Point of Service

Typically, you will collect the co-pays and money the patient owes you after the procedure is finished. The challenge is that your staff is overwhelmed and might not get the chance to get the money from the patient. Situations like this are where the patient walks out of the office without paying anything. The odds decrease that you will collect what you are owed afterward.

Using a third-party provider reduces the workload on your staff and they can focus on your patients. No one is too busy to notice when someone leaves without paying.

We recommend using our innovative system that trains your staff on keeping everything current in less time.  

J3 Revenue Cycle Management teaches your team on using the latest tools to reduce the chances of these situations. Your staff spends less time on billing and can focus on serving your patients to maximize your revenues. We are the best at medical billing and have over 30 years of experience.

Better Communication

Communication is a critical factor for any successful practice and letting your patients know what is covered makes everything easier. Our state-of-the-art system takes all of the paperwork out of your hands and frees up your staff. You discuss with your patients the costs, co-pays, and what is covered by insurance in advance.

J3 Revenue Cycle Management is the best at medical billing and we know what to do to maximize your profitability.

We are the Best at Medical Billing!

These are the top three practices in medical billing that will maximize your profitability. Call J3 Revenue Cycle Management today at 954-544-2706 and see how we can streamline your business.

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