The practice of medicine is complex, and you want to ensure that all of your patients are satisfied. Medical billing plays a role in reducing errors and getting out timely information to patients. 

A study by Nerd Wallet found that 49% of all medical bills contain some form of errors. 

These issues are challenging, as inaccurate billing can frustrate some patients seeking out other healthcare providers. 

The best way to avoid these challenges is to know how to create effective medical billing procedures. We look at the essential things for all medical billing in Miami you should know. 

Compliance and Coding 

Any effective medical practice uses the most up-to-date and accurate medical billing systems. The software you are using should follow the highest practices in the industry to increase privacy and accuracy. 

Your system should have encryption technology and protocols that adjust with the changes in medicine. The software needs to use the current International Classification of Diseases Code (ICD-10) version. You want to ensure you are continually updated with new regulations, coding procedures, and compliance. 

For example, the government is changing medical coding abbreviations for specific items on Medicare and Medicaid. You want to ensure your system automatically adjusts to the shifts to ensure accuracy with billing patients. 

The best approach is to monitor how frequently your software updates and the way bills are generated. You want to double-check everything to ensure accuracy and prevent things such as double billing. 

Another area is to validate the claims and integrate the latest ICD codes with practice-specific factors to understand these procedures. The more you know, the higher the accuracy of the medical bills you send out to patients. 

J3 Revenue Cycle Management can help you to address billing and compliance using our auditing assessment program. We look at ways to improve revenue management, collections, decrease errors, and reduce audits. Our approach is one of the best in the industry, and we know how to get you excellent results. 

Validating Claims

The best way to reduce errors is to validate the accuracy of claims and make changes in your system. All of this occurs before sending out the bills to avoid confusion and prevent you from losing the patients’ trust. Nothing is worse than when a patient is upset and feels that you overcharged them on their medical bills. 

The best approach is to work with a third party that knows the lingo and can ensure accuracy. You are in the business of serving your patients and don’t have time to ensure everyone is trained in the latest medical billing procedures. 

We recommend using our revenue management program by having a team of dedicated professionals working with your practice. 

J3 Revenue Cycle Management is not a software seller but an organization that works with you and helps to train everyone in your office. Our program is one of the most innovative and state-of-the-art in the industry. We provide 24/7 live video conferencing to ensure that all information is entered correctly into the system. We leave nothing to chance to ensure that all of the bills you are sending out are accurate. 

Protecting Personal Information

One of the challenges facing any healthcare organization or practice is protecting the personal information of your patients. The law requires that you safeguard all data, but hackers constantly look for new breaches to exploit. 

These threats are becoming more common, with a 25% increase last year in healthcare database breaches. 

The best avenues of protecting your practice are to stay up to date on the latest software patches and security procedures. The challenge is that you don’t have time to keep up with these changes and become vulnerable. 

We recommend using our services for revenue management and medical billing in Miami. These are comprehensive packages that include dedicated IT personal to install and update against the changing threats. You will always be protected and never have to worry about hackers breaching your databases. 

J3 Revenue Cycle Management is the total solution for helping to improve your security and billing practices. Our programs are comprehensive and give you excellent results to increase revenue management. 

We Are The Best at Medical Billing!

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