Medical billing errors are something no one likes to deal with but are common throughout healthcare.

Statistics show that medical bills are 30% to 40% higher because of errors in calculating what is paid by insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.

The odds of someone getting a second opinion on the costs are lower, as most people assume everything is correct. Here are the common errors we see for medical billing in Miami that occur most frequently.

Duplicate Billing

Duplicate billing is when the patient receives a bill two or more times for the same procedure, treatment, exam, or test. The biggest issues are a failure to follow up and see if the patient paid for these services.

For example, the office administration in a private practice setting is busy trying to keep up with what is covered by the insurance and government programs. The odds are small that a duplication error is discovered, as this takes time and research to find the mistake.

Duplicate billing is an issue for your administration by creating extra work for no reason. The patient sees what is happening and thinks you are trying to bill them several times for the same services. Even though this is not the case, the appearance increases the chances of complaints and audits.

Our program reduces these errors by training your staff in the best procedures to avoid mistakes.

 J3 Revenue Cycle Management uses an innovative program that teaches everyone simple coding procedures to improve accuracy. We don’t sell you software but offer 24-hour support to ensure that any errors are dealt with quickly.

Billing for Services Never Received

Healthcare is a business where patients will have appointments scheduled in the future but cancel. This is the most common reason for patients receiving bills for services they never receive.

For instance, a patient has a test scheduled in three weeks but cancels and does not reschedule. The patient receives a bill for the test two months later, even though no services were provided.

Issues like this harm your practice in several ways, including damage to your reputation, financial implications, and penalties.

The damage to your reputation is when the patient sees your practice as dishonest. Situations like this are when the patient chooses to receive their healthcare services elsewhere.

The financial impacts of your books show that you generate more revenue than what you are making. You are paying your staff more money to research the problem and fix these issues.

Penalties increase the chances of fines and audits where your practice can be accused of fraud.

You can avoid these problems using our services that double-check and address errors before the bills go out. Our professionals work with your staff to ensure that all information is accurate.

J3 Revenue Cycle Management offers the best solutions to streamline all your medical billing. We help you every step of the way to ensure that your billing is accurate and timely.

Billing Changes

Medical billing can be confusing; with some codes requiring a different set of procedures for group coverage. If you bill these services individually, you will have unknowingly engaged in a process called unbundling. These practices are illegal and are tools that dishonest practices use to inflate their profits.

You can avoid these challenges by knowing about the latest coding trends and billing practices. Medical codes and healthcare regulations are constantly changing, and your staff needs to stay current on everything.

Our service knows all the changes in coding and billing to keep you and your staff informed. We work with your team to ensure that everyone is trained and understands the changes in different areas.

J3 Revenue Cycle Management is the best at medical billing and healthcare revenue management in Miami. We are current on all changes and keep your staff updated on the best practices to stay in compliance with all regulations.

We have a medical billing auditing service that comes out, identifies weaknesses, and improves your procedures. You have fewer errors and are up-to-date on the latest changes in coding and billing.

We are Experts in Medical Billing and Revenue Management

These are some of the most common medical billing errors that can be avoided. Call J3 Revenue Cycle Management today at 954-544-2706 and let us help you improve your compliance, reporting, and decrease any mistakes.

You are in business to make money and serve your patients, but errors can be costly to your practice. We can help you to eliminate mistakes and improve the efficiency of your administration.

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